Monday, March 29, 2010

Making a decision to go to college should be the best decision a student makes. Many students do not know where to start and what to do in order to choose a good school.There are two things involved that applies to all students: Does the student afford the cost of studies or not. If you afford, then it is well, just apply for that school and If you do not afford the cost of studying in that school, then it is not bad as you might think.
You can study at one of the best and expensive schools in the world and study in the same class as students from the rich backgrounds. I highly recommend the following  US schools because some even give you up to 100% scholarship and they are Blue chip: Columbia, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Stanford etc. There are also schools that offer partial scholarships such as Liberty University, Xavier, University of Dayton, Truman State university  among others. So do not waste time saying that you do not have money for college education. You have the keys on your hand and you need to take that vital step and other thousand steps will follow.

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