Thursday, May 20, 2010

World Cup 2010 Mascot

World cup competition is around the corner. But do you know the mascot of this year's world cup? In every world cup dating from the world cup in 1966 in England to the current one in South Africa, different mascots have been used; these mascots depict a characteristic of that country that can be related to by the most number of people. For Instance animals, plants, colours and other things.
Below are those mascots and their descriptions:
Year                Country                         Mascot                           Description  
1966                England            World cup Willie  :                        Lion ( England Jerseys have a lion image)                                                                                                                       
1970                Mexico                           Juanito  :                   Juan is a boy's name wearing the jersey
1974               West Germany                Tip and Tap:           Two boys wearing west Germany Kits
1978               Argentina                         Gauchito:                Gauchos ( equivalent of Cow boys)
1982               Spain                                Naranjito:             orange is typical fruit in spain even the kits color
1986               Mexico                             Pique:                    Pepper typcal spice
1990               Italy                                  Ciao:                     Italian greeting
1994               USA                                 Striker the World cup Pup:   dog common pet in USA
1998               France                              Footix:               Rooster or cock      
2002               Japan and Korea               Ato Kaz and Nik ( the Spheriks): Computer generated
2006               Germany                            Goleo VI:                            Lion
2010               South Africa                       Zakumi:                                Leopard( ZA for SA and Kumi =10)

Please let me know your opinions.

Written by: Silvestre Kipchirchir Boit

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