Thursday, May 13, 2010

Non paying Translation companies

With the advent of computers and internet, it opened many doors and opportunities for freelance translators. Now translators can work at the comfort of their homes and their offices at their own schedule.
But the advantages brought by this is also blighted by other shortcomings such as the translator not being paid, the pay being delayed for the services. I am translator (German<>English) and I translated for Global Languages 24 and the company has not paid me to date. The payment was due on 21. March 2009. They just keep promising to pay "tomorrow", which never comes.
So my fellow translators beware when dealing with such translation agencies. I am in the process of researching on such companies, as I believe that translators should be paid for their time and services. If you know any such translation agencies, please contact me through my E-mail address: Let us make a contribution in weeding out such agencies in the translation industry.


George M. said...

Hi dear translator colleague. The same happened to me when I just started an English to Spanish translation service online. I am from Guatemala and I translated some software articles for in December 2007. However, in January 2008 they refused to pay for the translation job which amounted $190. I have blacklisted the owners of this service, Terena Bell and Carol Reeves. They are from the USA.

Another crook who did not pay me for a translation job is Miguel Pantoja from Quito, Ecuador. He runs a website called Nwe Academy, He did not pay me about $200 in early 2009.


Ace translations said...

Thank you very much for your comment. Let us help other translators so that they dont work for such companies.