Monday, March 29, 2010

Money Matters

Our school system is failing as far as money and finance is concerned! From the formative to to university the students are trained on how to get employment and not how to create employment.
I am not blaming all institutions. I know there are some excellent institutions and I give them credit. We are always reminded by teachers, parents and society that I you don't get good grades in school you will not get a good job.
Do we really need good grades to make in life? Of course education is very important. There are many highly educated people in this world, but when it comes to money matters they struggle to pay their bills and they are broke even before the middle of the month! It is not that they earn less, but it is because they don't know how to make the money they earn to work for them. So these people work for money for the rest of their lives to pay for their bills. What if they retire or they are unable to work. The solution to these problems are just within you; educate yourself on how to make money work for you.

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